Running Azure PowerShell Workflows without Azure Automation

While developing some Workflows recently I was frustrated by something that was seemingly so simple to resolve. I’d log in to Azure and then run my parallel Workflow to perhaps start up a set of VMs in a Resource Group and get slammed with a boat load of errors.

This is the code I was running – it is specifically not designed to run in Azure Automation because I don’t want it to. Running this in Azure Automation requires a significant number of steps that I don’t want to perform so I’m not using the RunAs account. It’s a few lines of PowerShell designed to start up the VMs in a resource group quickly.

This would just blow up. The problem was clear enough, as a child of the parent, the parallel execution has no knowledge of my account being logged in and I just wasn’t sure how to resolve that. Many moons ago I tinkered with using Save-AzureRmProfile  to save me from having to log in every time I wanted to do something in Azure but I fell out of love with the solution since the saved profile never seemed to last very long. After some Googling, I happened upon an issue report in GitHub for Azure PowerShell that seemed relevant.

The issue report was answered by Mark Cowl who advised that the child job has no knowledge of the profile and, by passing in the profile to the child job in the right place by using Select-AzureRmProfile , you could work around the problem. The lightbulb came on and I altered my script and Workflow to:

Simple when you think about it.

You’ll notice in the foreach -parallel there is a throttlelimit set. I have my reasons for including this, yours may differ so feel free to remove the throttle altogether or alter it appropriately.



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  1. Glorious! Thank you for sharing your experience! I wonder who else encountered the exact same problem after learning about the awesomness of Powershell-Workflow vs Invoke-Command/Start-Process!

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