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Large BLOB to MSSQL database 2

Large BLOB to MSSQL database

While trying to maintain security restrictions for a new system I’m developing to deliver data to our customers I came up with the following chunks of code to insert data in 256k chunks into a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Nokia Mobile Search 0

Nokia Mobile Search

It looks like Nokia have released a new free application for we Series 60 owners called Mobile Search allowing you to search the web for images and information aswell as your local area for...

SNMP, 360 Gigabytes, Ras…Blackberrys and a Laptop 0

SNMP, 360 Gigabytes, Ras…Blackberrys and a Laptop

Sounds like a real mixed bag of goodies doesn’t it? This week I have mostly been investigating SNMP. As of right now I have a general understanding and high level overview, unfortunately my time...

Worst holiday ever! 0

Worst holiday ever!

I’ve just returned early from the worst holiday of my life. Both myself and my girlfriend contracted salmonella while on holiday in an All-inclusive resort in Mexico. The hotel didn’t care, the rep was...