Worst holiday ever!

I’ve just returned early from the worst holiday of my life.

Both myself and my girlfriend contracted salmonella while on holiday in an All-inclusive resort in Mexico. The hotel didn’t care, the rep was useless and we’ve been offered no compensation at all. It has cost me over £700 to get us home early and away from possible re-infection. I’ve slept for 14 hours after travelling for 24 hours.

I’m tired, angry and out for revenge. Once I’ve attempted to resolve the problem I’ll post the story here.

Network Camera PHP Application

Something I was working on for ages about a month ago is this Network Camera Application. I bought a network camera from http://www.network-camera.co.uk/ a couple of months ago and despised the rather nasty looking interface they’d made for it. Not only that but I couldn’t see a history of static images grabbed from the camera. Fortunately the camera did allow me to upload grabs to my FTP and so it began….
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ETN.fm trance track as an image

I noticed that ETN.fm have now got forums! Huzzah! Obviously I registered straight away, 94th member 😉

Well anyway, a few people have requested a signature strip that contains the current track being played. I don’t know how amb_ on the forum has done it but here’s my attempt. Basically you create yourself a template image (468×60) in JPEG or PNG format (I did do one in GIF BUT when the text was rendered onto it, it was kinda 50% transparent so that was useless, using PNG or JPEG overcomes this problem) which looks a little like… Continue reading ETN.fm trance track as an image

PHP Upload

Those of you that are security conscious will be interested to see how this script works I’d imagine. No more submission of clear text passwords and worrying about people packet sniffing your connection to grab the password. The password is MD5 hashed before it is even submitted so if they do packet sniff it, they’ll only be sniffing something that is uncrackable.

The script is easy to install and should just work but you need to edit a few settings in a file before it will be properly up and running.

Have a look at the uploader here

Download the source here

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