Orange homescreen freedom… at last!

Orange need lessons in listening. Their customers scream at them telling them they’re doing something completely wrong but they just carry on regardless. I’m referring of course to the Orange homescreen that they’re seemingly going to insist is applied to every new phone they release. Their customers don’t want it and it looks like they’ll lose customers if they carry on ignoring us. What to do to get rid of the Orange homescreen.
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Curse of the slow AD MMC

I thought I’d blog this just quickly.

I’ve been wanting to sort out a problem with a Windows 2003 Server my company has running at another annex. Luckily I got the chance this afternoon.

Basically the problem is that whenever I started up AD Users & Computers it would take an absolute AGE to start up. Once it had actually got in there, right-clicking anything again took decades to bring the appropriate menu up. Continue reading Curse of the slow AD MMC

SNMP, 360 Gigabytes, Ras…Blackberrys and a Laptop

Sounds like a real mixed bag of goodies doesn’t it?

This week I have mostly been investigating SNMP. As of right now I have a general understanding and high level overview, unfortunately my time seems a little short at the moment what with having to write up a department definition (I’m the IT department so let’s call this a role definition shall we) for my long overdue “review”.
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Battlefield 2 and my GeForce 4 Ti4200

I’ve recently got back into Battlefield 1942, it has really come on leaps and bounds with each patch and is now smooth to play, even at 1024×768 on my Geforce 4 Ti4200.

I really enjoyed playing a modern warfare mod that was developed for BF1942, the name escapes me but that’s not the point, it was a modern warfare type of mod with Apache’s, A-10 Tankbusters etc. I became a bit of a dab hand with the Apache’s so with the recent release of Battlefield 2 which is a modern warfare sequel to BF1942 I stumped up the cash and bought the game figuring that my Ti4200 might struggle but would still work. It worked for everything else; Far Cry to Doom 3, Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honour: Pacific Assault so why shouldn’t it work on Battlefield 2 I ask myself? No need to actually CHECK the requirements I think… nooo. Continue reading Battlefield 2 and my GeForce 4 Ti4200

Worst holiday ever!

I’ve just returned early from the worst holiday of my life.

Both myself and my girlfriend contracted salmonella while on holiday in an All-inclusive resort in Mexico. The hotel didn’t care, the rep was useless and we’ve been offered no compensation at all. It has cost me over £700 to get us home early and away from possible re-infection. I’ve slept for 14 hours after travelling for 24 hours.

I’m tired, angry and out for revenge. Once I’ve attempted to resolve the problem I’ll post the story here.

Network Camera PHP Application

Something I was working on for ages about a month ago is this Network Camera Application. I bought a network camera from a couple of months ago and despised the rather nasty looking interface they’d made for it. Not only that but I couldn’t see a history of static images grabbed from the camera. Fortunately the camera did allow me to upload grabs to my FTP and so it began….
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I noticed that have now got forums! Huzzah! Obviously I registered straight away, 94th member 😉

Well anyway, a few people have requested a signature strip that contains the current track being played. I don’t know how amb_ on the forum has done it but here’s my attempt. Basically you create yourself a template image (468×60) in JPEG or PNG format (I did do one in GIF BUT when the text was rendered onto it, it was kinda 50% transparent so that was useless, using PNG or JPEG overcomes this problem) which looks a little like… Continue reading trance track as an image

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