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Markus Schulz – Toronto ’09

Markus Schulz - Toronto 09 CD Cover

Possibly the first time I’ve ever posted about a CD release here on lewisroberts.com. That’s probably because there aren’t many artists or DJs I’m a huge fan of but in this case, I’m willing to make a post/exception.

Markus Schulz is, and has been for over three years, my all time favourite DJ. His track selection is flawless, his musical style and mixing sublime. I can only think that the same things that excite Markus Schulz about a track are the same things that excite me and as such there is only ever one occasion where I have disagreed with it in the last three years of following the Global DJ Broadcast: A mix he did for Pete Tong’s Essential Selection was, as far as I was concerned, far too deep and progressive compared to Markus’ usual style and the music seemed a bit pointless and uninspiring. A bit like he was trying too hard. The same cannot be said for his annual “city/country” releases. Continue reading Markus Schulz – Toronto ’09