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Winter Sun 0

Winter Sun

On my return from work today I managed to get some shots that I’ve wanted for a while. These would be awesome as an HDR but I didn’t have my tripod so maybe another...

Morning 0

Morning <_<

Gutted. I was up at 7:30 this morning to see if I could get out and get a sun rise shot. Every day I drive past great sunrises on my way to work and...

Morning Moon 0

Morning Moon

I didn’t manage to get a shot yesterday, a server failure at work meant I didn’t get home until late on! Alas, here’s today’s photo. Lewis

Hugs Bear 0

Hugs Bear

A photo for Kym. The teddy she got for me on our first Valentine’s Day together. I Love You Kym. x

HDR Type R 0

HDR Type R

I decided to get out and buy that Sigma lens today and while my girlfriend was in the shower I took this shot. It’s an HDR image so taken at various exposures and merged...