Samsung saga continued…

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  1. Stuart Graham says:

    I stumbled across this site when trying to find a solution to mount my Samsung LE26R74 LCD screen and Samsung also want to send me the self tapping screws. Even if they do work the threads will be sh*gged wont they. Have you got any further with your enquiries with them?

    Any help is appreciated

    Great Blog site by the way,



  2. Lewis says:

    Hi Stuart, well actually I did make contact with Samsung again after receiving the screws but they didn\’t bother getting back to me so I phoned again and was told that I would get a call from a senior support technician.

    They did call the following day and I explained the problem. The fact is that re-tapping the holes with these self-tapping screws requires you to apply forward force to initiate the beginning of the tap. With VESA type bolts, this forward force is not required, just turning force. Only having to use turning force removes the potential danger inherent with applying forward force (slipping and scratching the TV or damaging it more severely).

    The chap I spoke to was quite nice about my concerns and said he would go away to discuss this with colleagues. His return phone call later that afternoon basically said that they had sent out over 4000 sets of screws and had heard of no instances of damage occurring as a result of their use. He also mentioned that they were thoroughly tested at factory level and again they had found no issues.

    I\’m afraid I\’m still not convinced and you are right, using these screws WILL utterly destroy the thread manufactured in to the TV. This manufacturing defect is apparently present in all versions of this TV and they have still not rectified the problem at manufacturing level at this time. I\’m sorry but this can be classified as a major manufacturing defect and as such is covered under warranty by Samsung. Whether you choose to accept their excuses and guarantees is a different matter. I think I\’ll be exploring alternative avenues since I\’m not willing to attempt this re-tapping exercise myself.

    I\’ve actually just thought of another possible problem!

    The other potential danger is from the swarf left buy the application of these screws in to the back plate. I\’m assuming that the back plate is made of aluminium or similar material that can easily be re-tapped but unless I\’m mistaken, when re-tapping holes in to metal there is excess metal that must make way for the screw. In this case I would expect there to be excess aluminium being forced in to potentially sensitive electrical and electronic areas that could cause short circuits, other electrical damage and possibly fire.

  3. Stuart Graham says:

    Hi Lewis,

    Thanks for the quick reply. You are spot on with your worries about excess metal being potentially placed inside the TV’s inner workings and brought to my attention that if this was to cause a malfunction after the 12 months warranty then we’d both be left with tv’s costing 600 odd pounds that have no warranty and possibly no leg to stand on so to speak with regards to replacement.

    I have read on a forum somewhere that one person had an engineer out to replace the back plate with another to solve this problem. Perhaps this could be road to go down with Samsung.

    Nothing is ever simple is it..

    Havent decided what I’ll do yet but thanks for helping me out, its much appreciated.



  4. Mark Beeson says:

    Just found this page! I got my TV today. I’ve packed my M4 BOLTS (not screws), with PTFE tape and they seem to be holding, but don’t want to mount my TV permenantly like this. I’m not being picky about the bolt/screw thing, but ask an Engineer for a screw, and that’s what you’ll get. I’ll have to ring Samsung today and got through the same motions by the sound of it. Surely Samsung could machine up some M4.5 bolts. I may ask my local engineering firm if they could do it. would probably only cost a fiver. Any more news from anyone else?

  5. Mark Beeson says:

    Are the screws that Samsung sent you the same size as the ones for the stand?

  6. Mark Beeson says:

    I’ve just put my mounting bracket up and hung the TV, I’ve given it a good old yank and it’s not going anywhere. Perhaps PTFE Tape and a spot of epoxy resin is the way forward (assuming you never want to take the mounting bracket plate off again.) I’m going to ring Samsung and ask where I stand warranty wise doing this, but it would remove the risk of damaging the thread or TV with swarf. I don’t beleive the screws are even M4.5. As you said, no such thread exists. I bet the Hungarian tapping machine is just broken.

  7. Mark Beeson says:

    The helpfull reply from samsung regarding PTFE tape and glue invalidating the warranty is “Tough call, probably not.”

  8. Lewis says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for getting back to us. I’ve just called Samsung to tell them I’m not happy with their supposed fix. I’ve pointed out all the problems and explained that the warranty clearly states that the TV is covered from manufacturing defects. A TV that is supposed to conform to a standard and is being sold on a daily basis as such is clearly being pedalled as Grade A stock when in actual fact it is Grade B. In my opinion it’s second rate manufacturing processes. Samsung are hoping that those people that want to mount it on the wall will just call them up and accept the four self-tapping screws as an adequate fix.

    I don’t much care how extensively Samsung have tested these screws, they are quite clearly a bodge job and Samsung don’t want to bother with the formality of having to recall and refit thousands of TVs with proper VESA compliant tapped holes. It would probably hurt their share price if they did. Meanwhile, Joe Public has to suffer and, judging by what has just happened to me on the phone, like it or lump it because nothing else is going to be offered.

  9. Stuart Graham says:

    Been a bit busy and havent had time to get the TV up on the wall yet, think I’ll have to go for the Samsung option. Ho hum. Thanks for the input Mark, it is appreciated



  10. Neil Keenan says:

    I purchased my tv about six weeks ago now and still haven’t had the bolts from samsung. I must have contacted them at least half a dozen times and they keep telling me that they have been dispatched but I have yet to see them! I have since tried to obtain the elusive 4.5mm bolts from another source only to be told by numerous bolt specialists that they do not exist. You can’t even get hold of a 4.5mm die to have them made.

    God only knows what these bolts will be like from samsung, if I ever do recieve them. I now think that my only option is to obtain a refund for the tv as it is definately a manufacturing defect, unless someone out there has any other answers!

  11. Mark Elton says:

    Just got one of these for a display at work, and same problem. M4.5 are like rocking horse crap, and there is no way i’m leaving aluminium shavings in the back via the samsung method.As such, I have taken the back off of the screen, (No hidden screws, so very simple and just falls off with no wire connections or warranty seals) and have tap and die’d the internal plates out to 5mm. (A kit costs about £12 from screwfix if you don’t have one) Works a treat

  12. Lewis says:

    Hi Mark, that’s excellent advice. I’ll probably do this myself actually. After trying 5mm bolts myself I noticed that the plastic back cover is a little too small for the bolt, did you have to re-drill the holes to make them slightly larger on the plastic back cover?

  13. sam says:

    just had a quick search on ebay for m4.5 bolts and came across this
    click on machine screws

  14. Mark Lewis says:

    Hey i just come across this via AVforums and have had the same trouble, but i managed to find 4 machine screws that actually fit.. My dad knew of a company that make bolts and machine screws and when we asked them, they sent some samples down for me to try, and one of the sets actually fit. When we asked them about the one that fitted they said it was a standard that isnt used anymore. The times i tried samsung for answers and got nowhere but gladly my TV is now wall mounted 😀

  15. Darrell says:

    Hi All,

    I have been looking at this thread pondering how to hang my Sammie on the wall and was very close to doing what Mark Elton did and was giving it some serious thought. Anyhow after reading Mark’s thread I was filled with confidence that I wouldn’t end up buggering up my investment and went ahead.

    Got to say as per Mark’s email it is incredibly easy. If you can find anyone who has a hand held M5 tap the job takes literally a few minutes to complete and is extremely striaght forward. I didn’t need to drill out the holes in back cover either as M5 screws fitted fine.

    I think by far and away the is the most sensible option to resolve the issue and obviously gives the panel a very secure fitting on your bracket.



  16. sam says:

    well my le32r74bdx was delivered today and the m6 screws which came with the bracket threaded straight in and its working right now on the wall, lovely piece of kit samsung.
    i went out and bought a threading kit in after reading this page last week

  17. Heath Monk says:

    I contacted John Lewis today to ask if they had bolts. The sales assistant did not know of the problem and contacted Samsung who offered to send self tappers! I contacted AcornFasteners as per a previous blog. They were very helpful and sympathetic but didn’t stock M4.5 bolts and didn’t think anyone would. Where did M4.5 come from anyway. Is this size an urban myth born out of the fact that the industry standard M4 is nearly big enough? Has anyone actually found a 4.5 screw or tap/dye to try in the hole? Has anyone tried using an M4

  18. Heath Monk says:

    Further to last ,has anyone tried using M4 bolts with a nut on the back?
    I have just had a call back from the very helpful man at AcornFasteners. He wonders whether the holes are tapped out to US Spec 832 UNC which are 4.2 mm. He is sending me a set to try. If these work he has loads. If not and he can definatively ascertain the correct spec he may be able to manufacture a batch of a couple of thousand at a time.

  19. Lewis says:

    Hi Heath, please keep us up to date on your success with!



  20. Heath Monk says:

    Yes the 8.32 unc bolts work a treat. 5/8 would be the ideal length. I have used 3/4 length with spacers. Job done! Why couldn’t the combined brains at Samsung have worked that out? Sheer complacency at a guess.

  21. KittyJuls says:

    Well that’s good news on the UNC fastners, I’ve used these guys before and they stock them – happy days!!!|UNC|Socket|Head|Cap|Screws#top

  22. Lewis says:

    Hi KittyJuls, thanks for the link. I’ve just ordered some and will see how they work out for me. 🙂

  23. Ken Jones says:

    I have same issue with the Samsung. John Lewis have been great and offered to open up a few TV’s to see if any will take the 4mm bolt. Reading this, I dont think they will have luck so I opdered some of the 832’s (some for this TV and some spares in case I buy a further Samsung which is very likely).

  24. John Smith says:

    Hi Lewis should I order the 5/8 8.32 unc bolts ?



  25. Lewis says:

    Hi John, Well I did get them and they aren’t the perfect fit I was expecting so I’d probably hold off. I can manage to screw them in a short way but unless I take an allen key to them, they won’t go any further. I wonder if Heath has the 26inch model or the 32inch Samsung? I think the tapped holes are different sizes.

  26. John Smith says:

    Hi Lewis, I have the Samsung LE26R74BDX. Heath used the 3/4 length with spacers. Could anybody please let me know what is a spacer and where do you get them from ?



  27. Lewis says:

    Hi John, I have the LE26 too but I don’t think the 8.32UNC’s are what we need. I’ve tried them and while they’re a better fit than 4mm or 5mm they still aren’t perfect. Still slightly too large for the holes in the TV. When I looked at a 32″ at my local Costco the holes were certainly bigger. I was quite tempted to take some of the screws I’ve got and give them a go in that!

    I assume that Heath means washers when he talks about spacers. Your local Homebase or hardware store should stock them. Without wishing to state the obvious, the 5/8″ length that Heath referred to should be slightly smaller than the 3/4″.

  28. John Smith says:

    Hi Lewis

    On the avforun link ( some people have used 3BA Machine Screws which have worked. These are available from FWB

  29. Amin Galviz says:

    just ordered the 3ba cheese head screws, will give them a go, thanks 🙂

  30. Andrew Merritt says:

    Very useful site; we’ve got the 32″ version, and found the problem when we eventually got round to trying to mount the TV (we got it when it first came out in May).

    Just got some 8.32UNC from Stagonset, but they are too small (too narrow to touch the sides of the holes). Are the 3BA Machine Screws thicker? I think we’ll try some M5s, to see if our holes are close to a standard size. Is it possible they’ve drilled with different sizes?

    In fact, the upper two holes are slightly larger than the lower two. You can push the 8.32UNCs straight in to both pairs of holes, but in the upper ones they don’t even touch, whereas you have to wiggle the bolt slightly in the lower ones.

  31. David says:

    This is a story of a friend of mine who recently purchased a Samsun TV


  32. Andrew Merritt says:

    I left feedback on the Samsung website about the problem, but have had no response.

    We got a selection of bolts from B&Q today, and found that a 6mm (!) bolt fits both sets of holes, slightly snugger in the bottom ones.

    Specifically, Machine Screws, Pan Headed Slotted, Zinc plated, 6mm 1.0mm x 16mm.

  33. Andrew Merritt says:

    Of course, while the 6mm bolts fit the holes in the TV exactly, the holes in the mounting bracket need to be enlarged…

  34. Andrew Merritt says:

    Having enlarged the holes in the bracket, the TV is now securely (I believe!) mounted with the 6mm bolts.

    I’ve also received a reply from Samsung UK, saying:

    With reference to your email regarding your TV, the size of the bolts
    you require is 4.5 mm. in order for us to send you these, please call
    our Support Team on 0870 726 7864.

    I don’t think I’ll bother ringing, unless I’m feeling in the mood for an argument.

  35. Dan Cowl says:

    Hello All,

    Thank god I have found some other guys who are having the same pproblem as me!
    Just as a side issue the bracket I have bought is from B&Q and is £70, the same bracket from Comet is £120!! This is excellent value methinks! Also don’t touch th £50 “designer” mounts in Argos, they are a pile of sh*t.

    My brother works for Comet and is going to talk to their Samsing rep to try and get a proper answer, I too have tried the M4 bolts but they are too loose, they tighten up sort of but then the bracket just pops out. I would not like to tap the backing either as this would be too much of a risk, besides it should be Samsung who are doing the tapping! Why should I make it easier for them by bodging the casing of my TV and voiding my guarantee.

    Upon reading quite a few of the posts in various forums it seems that this is more of a problem associated with the LE26R74 model tvs (this is what I have) than the 32″ equivalent, though it would be good if some sort of list could be arranged so that people can be sure if they are likely to be affected by this problem.

    Anyone considered Watchdog? That would get Samsung orting these problems out!

    Good luck to all, will update when I know more.


  36. Dan Cowl says:

    Well my brother has now spoken to his Samsung rep and he has suggested I speak too AVF who manufactured the wall mount.

    It sounds like AVF have also been kept in the dark about this problem and they are also having a lot of calls from people about this issue. Their only solution would be to call the Samsung helpline and get hold of the self tappers which they have expressed is not an ideal solution.

    AVF have sources all over the world, they have confirmed that the size of thread is 4.5mm and that this seems to only affect the LE26R74 models of TV, LE32R74 uses a M5 bolt…

    I have asked my brother to get hold of the Samsung rep again to try and get a solution but it looks like Samsung are just passsing the buck instead of admitting to and properly rectifying the problem.

    I will most likely end up having to use the self tapppers but I will request a written confirmation that this will in no way invalidate my warranty.

    Good luck all,


  37. Dan Cowl says:

    Well heres another update for you!!

    I ended up getting hold of Samsung and they said they would supply me with some self tapping screws. A couple of days later I got an answer phone message from Samsung tlling me that there was not actually a problem with my TV (news to me!!) and that I would have to call them again if I was indeed having problems and if I had actually tried the bracket. I called them again and spoke to someone who left a note in my record to say that though I had called before I did actually want some screws as there is definitely something wrong with my tv. I then got another call from Samsung, again telling me that my TV did not have a problem. I corrected them and said that I have got a problem with my TV otherwise it would be on the wall and having tried 2 different wall brackets I would see this as proof enough. Samsung then said that if the screws did not work they would not be able to help me as they insisted there is not a porblem with my TV. I then said that in that case if it did not work my only option would be to take my TV back to the retailer. The girl from Samsung then said that it was unlikely that the retailer would take the tv back as there was nothing wrong with it.

    With customer service like this who needs del boy!!

    Needless to say if the screws do not do the job I will have no choice but to take it back to Comet and get them to swap it for one that I can wall mount, what a fiasco!!!!

    Regards to all,


  38. Olly Cripps says:

    I got in touch with Samsung via email, and the conversation went as follows:


    Hi I recently purchased an LE26R74BD. Today I attempting wall mounting the set, but none of the bolts supplied with the mounting kit fitted. I bought several other bolts, again to find that none of them fitted. The only bolts with the correct thread, are the Samsung screws used to attach the floor stand. However these are not long enough for wall mounting. I was told by someone that I might need special Samsung bolts? If this is true I find it unbelievable that they were not provided with the TV! Can you please advice me where to go from here, as so far I have spent a considerable amount of time and spent out on items rendered useless and have got no where…


    Thanks for your recent email.With regards to wall mounting unit we will
    need the following information tobe provided so we can then send out
    the wallmount screws.Please can you provide the serial number,model code
    and date of purchase so we can the despatch 4 screws out to yourself for
    your unit to be mounted.


    In reply to the information needed…

    Serial Number: ***************
    Model Code: LE26R74BDX/XEU
    Date of Purchase: 24/02/07

    My name and address is…

    **** ******
    ** *********** ****
    *** ***

    Before using the self-tapping screws you will be providing I would appriciate comfirmation that if any fault occurs because of this, my warranty will not be voided?


    In reference to your enquiry. Thank you for providing the information
    requested. This has been added to your file and I have requested
    dispatch of the screws. However could you please also provide us with
    your telephone number.
    Any fault arising from the correct usage of the screws will be covered
    under the manufacturing warranty. This will be confirmed in a cover
    letter which will be dispatched with the screws.


    So with a confirmation letter I (think!) I am happy to go ahead with the screws theyre providing. It has certainly made me very dubious about buying another Samsung product though!

  39. samhung says:

    Hi to everyone in the forum, :hiya:

    Firstly i would like to introduce myself my name is samhung (theres a reason for the name:grin: )
    After purchasing SAMSUNG LE26R74BDX, was upset to see that the threads were that of a size which are not standard in the industry. I had a look around for ages in the hope of finding a right size bolt, but with no luck. I now have my 26 inch attached to a vogels wall mount and now the sammie is well hung:rotfl:
    I managed to fix this problem and can safely say that the sammie is now attached solidly with no marks or damage anywhere, i did not have to drill at the plastic on the back nothing. I can now use m5 bolts as standard as i refused to use the tapping screws that samsung sent out. This clearly is a dodgy and unsafe method of attaching the TV to the mount. There has been a few issues raised in many forums regarding this model, and some people have used this screw and that screw, but can honestly say that its not worth the chance. The screws have been made for certain jobs, and considering a friends 26 sammie has just cracked through the two bottom holes i really would not chance this.
    However there is a solution, using a tap and die set which you can buy from every hardware store. I currently have a listing on ebay as a fix for this issue. Please take your time to look at my listing –SNIP–
    (To moderators and admin my apologies if links are not allowed to be posted in forums so feel free to remove link)

    (You’re right I’d rather not host links for someone’s eBay items, especially when you could just give people the information for free. – Lewis)

    The item number on ebay is –SNIP–, i am offering a service on ebay for a very low charge of £14.99, starting price £9.99 to fix/repair this problem. As for the nature of the problem it will require the buyers to actually remove the back of the tv, BUT dont be scared or worried just have a look at the listing i have made it very clear what needs to be done, and you have nothing to worry about, i have been using these tools for a long time now and understand my skills with these tools. Have a look and tell me what you think and if you have any worries or doubts just post reply and i will reply as quickly as possible. Just like everyone else who have clearly researched this problem and was not willing to accept the silly tapper screws from samsung, i can assure you that this is a risk free service and will correct the thread size in the back, there are no risk’s involved, [COLOR=”SeaGreen”]If you could not hand your sammie up in the first place nothing can go wrong,[/COLOR] if you require a custom size or if there are other samsung models with the same problem i will be more than happy to help.
    I have very clear images in a 3 step guide on my ebay listing what will need to be done on your behalf. I will be more than happy to help anyone or guide anyone if they would like to try and fix this problem themselves, but if you have not done this before there will be risks involved and could be a gamble. Would love to hear your feedback and will be very happy to help as i was distraught and angry to find a wall mountable tv…could not wall mount. I have asked around to find out how much someone will charge for the same work and prices were around £25 -£40 mark.

    Your regards samhung

  40. Mark Williams says:

    Just bought (today) the LE32R73 from currys online. While surfing around for wall mounts – I happened on AV Forums and then saw the link to this site. I’ve read through all of your tales of woe and it astounds me that a company with a presence like Samsung are allowing this to happen to their best selling and highly rated TVs..

    I assume from reading above that the M5 screw will fit the 32″ screen?

    Does anyone know what the Vesa spacings are for the 32″ set – 200×200? 100×200 etc?

    thanks in advance and good luck with each of your sets..



  41. Mark Williams says:

    So Samhung – you are making out of other peoples misery rather than offering up the advice. Well done for seeing an opportunity – but I think it is in bad taste.

    I am reasonably savvy – plus I have a few mates who are engineers. If I find a decent sensible fix – I will post up free of charge – purely because I like helping people.



  42. Kay says:

    This is so confusing, i have ordered the 26″. What the hell should i do?

  43. Lewis says:

    In essence, if you intend to put it on the wall, cancel the order and/or get the 32″.

    If you don’t intend to mount it on the wall, get it, it’s a bloody good TV.

  44. Nick says:

    Hi, I have just ordered one of the Samsung LE26R74BDX & intend to wall mount it, can some one tell me what size if VESA bracket I need? Or should I just use No Nails?

  45. scott costello says:

    glad i found this place
    me and my mate spent hours the other night trying to sort same problem then went to hardware store next day and bought a few different types that still dont work
    will be on the phone to samsung tomorrow

  46. Dan Cowl says:

    Hello all again,

    Just to update you all I eventually got Samsung to send me some self tapping screws, I have since wall mounted my TV successfully using the bracket I got from B&Q and it has remained on the wall without a problem ever since, the fixing with these screws is much better and they fix very positively into the faulty holes. This has been up since February and is still solid as a rock but just a word of caution, if Samsung try to fob you off saying that the 26″ doesn’t have a problem and you have tried the bolts suppplied with your wall unit then keep trying until they relent as it is worth it in the end, I am very happy with the TV apart from this issue!!

    If anyone wants to know anything else about my experience please let me know, I hope that no-one else has the same issues I did!!

    Good luck and best regards to all,


  47. Ian says:

    I have had the same isssue as you guys where the screws don’t fit the threads in the back of the tv. I simply removed the rear cover on the TV and removed the metal brackets ( 2off ) which have the screw threads in, tapped out to 5mm and refitted. 5mm bolts still fit though the holes on a vesa bracket and also through the rear cover of the tv. I wouldn,t advise using self tapping screws as the electronics in this tv are exposed at the rear and the slightest ammount of swarf may short them out.

    Have fun cursing samsung as i did…..

  48. David says:

    I read all these posts just after buying my Samsung and was filled with dread and fear.

    However I bought my wall mount kit from and it came with dozen or so different size bolts. One set fitted the TV perfectly and it’s now hanging on my wall without any calls to Samsung or dubious self-tapping screws.

    So either Samsung changed the spec of the threads in the back of the TV or I just picked a great wall mount kit. Either way I was lucky. Anyone thinking of hanging their Samsung should talk to avrabbit and no I don’t work for them 🙂

    Good luck!


    p.s. I called Samsung back in January about an MP3 player and I have to agree they are the most incompetent, patronizing, work shy Service Desk in the world Ever! I called 9 times over 2 weeks and still didn’t ever get a call back or answer to my question.

  49. David Allan says:

    i too read all of this with fear when trying to mount my LE26. i bought a standard vesa compliant wall mount from a company called technologysolutionsni off ebay for 15gbp. the screws didnt fit! so i called samsung – found their support staff responsive enough but they assured me my model would work with M5 screws not the M4 i got with the wall mount kit. so i got some M5 screws from homebase. wrong. didn’t work. i then decided to try the 4 screws that came with the unit that were holding the table top stand in place and ….. these fitted perfectly. tv now mounted for a week. no need to wait 2 weeks for samsung to send out screws, no need to re-thread anything.

    anyone still haveing problems i recommend you give this a go first.

  50. Will Eborall says:

    Reading this thread I’m also terrified. I just ordered a 26 inch Samsung TV today, then found this thread while searching as the wall bracket I’ve bought has come with a bolt missing. I’ve bought the LE26R88BDX model though. Has anyone heard of any mounting difficulties with this model or the R87 (same model with cosmetic change)? Also is it easy to get hold of VESA screws? A quick look at Maplin doesn’t find anything.

  51. Mayang Gore says:

    Hey guys, thank god i found this forum!

    ok bascially i have had my LE40R73BDX for a while now sitting on the stand provided. I have now decided to put it up on the wall but how i wish i read this forum before i did! ok so now i know i won’t be able to find 4.5mm screws i’ll stop looking! im only having this problem with the top two screws where as the bottom two allow a 5mm to fit perfectly. As it is a 40 inch TV i am very reluctant in using dodgy methods.

    Any advice? how do i do this tapping out to 5mm business?

    Unfortunately for me i have already screwed in the frame of the wall bracket to my wall but can’t put the brackets on the back of the TV…very unsightly indeed!! help!

  52. Tuju says:

    After ordering my Samsung i found this page when looking information how to fit the via vm7700 on it. So i cancelled my order today and try to restudy the subject and look for alternative brands. Thank you guys, you saved me a lot of trouble!

  53. Jim Maynard says:

    I have a Samsung LE32r74bd purchased from dixons online in March. I have just come across this problem. using the M5 Bolts that come with my Mount it is very obvious that they do not fit. I will be contacting Samsung but do not expect any joy as they were next to usless when it cam to finding a new blanking plate for the TV when mine became lost during our house move.
    I’m now off to B and Q to look for a solution. i will report back.

    Kind regards to all


  54. Bobby says:

    So I’m not alone with this problem. I wasted 2 weeks trying to sort the problem out and finally got it sorted from a company called I saw in relative topic on this site. The bracket is fine and my TV us on the wall!

  55. NOT WELL HUNG says:

    For what it’s worth, Happy New Year to all reading this posting and especially for those at Samsung.
    The saga continues. I’m stunned after all these months Samsung haven’t got off their bottoms and accepted the problem. I bought a pair of 32″ flat screens for my kids and can’t get the screws required to wall mount. 4 calls to 4 different Samsung help desks and the final one suggested I go and buy M4 machine screws. Having chanced upon this blog site I’m now even more confused and don’t know exactly what I need. I assume the M5’s sound like a good option so I’ll see what I can find and post my results. Any specific feedback to assist would be appreciated.

  56. NOT WELL HUNG says:

    Quick update from last posting.
    A trip to B&Q has furnished me with M6 x 20 long machine screws which have done the trick.
    Not M4 and not M5. M6 x 20mm long because the plate I have for mounting the TV overlaps a raised back section and needs packed off the TV. 10mm spacers will be required. If the mount was able to rest directly against the back of the TV then M6 x 12 would work. A pack of 12 from B&Q costs £1.98. Not much for Samsung to fork out if they wanted to apply themselves.
    I have also ordered the 3BA screws to see if they work and I’ll advise later although I believe them to be 1/2″ long so probably not in my case. Hope this helps.

  57. Robin says:

    This is one of the reasons I love the Internet! We’ve had our Samsung LE32R87BD for a couple of weeks and today I set about fitting it to the wall. The bracket had arrived during the week (from, I’d checked all the parts were there, agreed with the missus where the tv should be fixed, moved the valuables out the way, got the drill out, assembled the mounting bracket to go on the back of the tv and offered it up. The bracket came with M3, M4, and M5 screws – M5s looked about right, and the top-right one fitted perfectly. But not the others – tried various combinations before concluding that 3 of the 4 threaded inserts were damaged – had I paid full price for seconds? While coming to terms with having to traipse back to Comet with the tv in it’s box, I found this website. I am not alone! Although wish I’d found this before buying the tv.

    FYI our LW15E23CB tv (also a contender to be wall-mounted) has four good M3 threads, and our CN15VSAN monitor has the factory-fitted VESA stand fitted with what look like M4 Taptite screws – now where can I get some M5 Taptites…

  58. NOT WELL HUNG says:

    Have now changed my handle to WELL HUNG
    The saga ends for me. The M6’s have done the trick. Since then I have received additional 3BA screws which WILL NOT hang the 32″ TV, they are too small. So if anyone out there wants them, please mail me on for postal details. It will only require a stamped addressed envelope to the value of £1. There are 10 screws so may manage two TV’s. Wish you all the best in your efforts to secure your TVs to the wall.

  59. Robin says:

    Good news everyone! Well, for me at least.

    Following on from my post of 12 January 2008, my telly is now wall-mounted. I’d furnished myself with a tap and die set from my local Motorists Discount Centre, but then found that the M5 screws (or are they M6? anyway…) that came with the bracket WILL fit in the threaded holes on the rear of the set if you use way more force than you’d expect to use on a machine thread – especially on the back of a £600 piece of electronic equipment.

    Best of luck to the rest of you.

  60. Martin says:

    Hi Samsung lovers,

    We recently purchased a Samsung LE32S8 in Portugal for our home there and also had a problem with the bolts for the back.

    However as Portugal is a little behind the times we managed to obtain the perfect fitting bolts. I don’t know what the guage is but have 2 spare and would be willing to send to someone to try them to see if the holes are the same size. If they fit I can try to get more when I return in april to send on to anyone at what they cost me. They are about 7euros for the bolts with nuts.


  61. David Ross says:


    We are hoping to fit a wall bracket to a Samsung LE26S81 in a villa in Portugal in a couple of weeks.Could you tell me which shop you bought the the fiiting bolts and what they were called,in Portuguese.Many thanks.


  62. Peter Suarez says:

    Hi there,

    I have a Samsung LE32R87BD which I want to wallmount, however, I’ve lost the original screws that came with the TV.
    I’m scared to ask but does anyone know what I need to buy and where I might be able to get them?

    Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.


  63. Leon says:


    The threaded disease has moved on to other brands. My friend (No, really!) has bought a Techwood 81cm LCD from Carrefour supermarket in France which is made by some Turkish manufacturer. It has a 200×200 VESA setup at the back and guess what? 4mm and 5mm don’t fit the Nylon inserts.

    The helpline engineer confirmed the problem by trying some himself and said he would happily post us some but he wasn’t allowed to!!

    So! Do Samsung make these Tvs for the Turkish supplier. OR does the Turkish Factory make “Samsungs” (It is very Samsung like!)

    I feel we should be told!



  64. Paul says:

    For what it’s worth this problem is not limited to Samsung. I have exactly the same issue with Alba, who have been bought by Argos.

    I have a very nice, veru good value 32″ LCD HD tv, BUT it has the dreaded M4.5 screw holes (only just discovered this after buying a couple of packets of ‘near’ size machine screws from my local B&Q.

    I’m about to ‘have a go’ at Argos as in my view this defect makes the product ‘unfit for purpose’

    I’ll advise the outcome !!!


  65. Charles says:

    I just receive my 65″ TV from Samsung and found that the screws needed to attached the stand to the TV were not included. I called Samsung and they told me that the customer service people left for the day. I wish I had read the above comments before I purchased this $5,000+ TV. I am hoping that they don’t give me a problem sending me screws and pray that they fit.

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