Nokia 6680 cover replacement guide

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117 Responses

  1. Justin Orrell says:

    Bollocks! If only I’d found your guide before opening mine up… Excellent guide and one I’m sure I’ll be using in future. Nice garden btw.

  2. john pagett says:

    fantastic site, you are a star for a couple of days i’d been trying to change this, you ought to write a book, the directions were so clear, thanks loads, john

  3. Kirsty Darlington says:


    You are an absolute star, I have spent the last hour trying to remove my phone cover, was ready to give up in fear of breaking a phone that isn’t even a week old lol.

    Your step by step diagrams are really clear and simple to follow.

    Great job and I’m sure you will have plenty of hits from people in this predicament.

    Thanks so much for your help like I said your a star.


  4. Russell Boyask says:

    Thanks so much for your detailed description. Cannot believe I found this info.
    Russ (London UK)

  5. Anthony says:

    Excellent Lewis -Just what I needed!
    Many Thanks

  6. peter bailey says:

    Excellent and informative.Give that man a medal!Would have been stuffed without your help.Thanks again-Peter

  7. sigmacom says:

    You are the man!!! Great job, thanks a lot for sharing!

  8. steve says:

    You took the pain of working it out for myself and possibly damaging the original cover which only had two small marks and is now my backup cover , it worked like a dream many thanks

  9. Paul says:

    Hi you lot! I bought a 6680 when we got them in store(vodafone) but I just bought another one from a guy who bought it and hated it for €50!!!!!Yeah,great deal or what!
    Anyway,here I am taking the covers off to swap(his was in better condition then mine) but realized I was kind of breaking my old cover in the process! I tried to open the file above but it keeps failing!CAN ANYONE SEND THIS TO ME VIA EMAIL?????
    I’m desperate man!!

    Much appreciate any help with this!

    – I’ve sent it to you now Paul – Lewis

  10. David says:

    I am not very usefull with practical tasks but when my girlfriend bought a pink Motorola R I thought I would like to change the colour of my 6680.I read your directions on changing the 6680 case and because the instructions were so clear I have decided buy a purple case and fit it myself.

  11. Norbert says:

    u are simply just gr8 i mean u went into so much troble and u surely deserve a big thank u, u saved me 20 dhs that is like 3$ for the changing the body of my 6680 thank u very much.

  12. Marcos says:

    Thank you very very much!!! You’ve done a great job!!!! Greetings from Spain (Canary Islands)!!

  13. Buffyslay says:

    Thank you loads for this – didnt need to buy the tool… but hey

    fantastic guide

    ps: i hope your girlfiend!! is not upset?

  14. Antony says:

    Hi Shame you got the cover from mobile fun as I think have the same products, slightly cheaper and with a better service, this is the link for 6680 covers, or if you do not want to attempt it, they can fit it for you.

  15. BJ says:

    Thanks heaps! I’d searched the net for quite some time before I came across your instructions – which is the only one which assisted me in getting those first two clips undone! Thanks again, you’re a gem!

  16. RIZWAN says:


  17. Amy says:

    My boyfriend just bought us each a Nokia 6680, so I wanted to get a pink cover so we could tell the difference between them!! But after looking at the phone more carefully, I had no idea how to remove the case… after saving your litte tutorial I feel much more confident, and will buy a new case soon!

    Thanks for going to the trouble, it all seemed pretty obvious in the end but it was a great help!!

  18. Peejay says:

    hi man. thanks a lot for this guide.
    thanks a ton

  19. Norbet says:

    Cheers Lewis!! (this is actually the Norbet you know and not that imposter above who posted on the 8th Jan) – just stumbled across your site after being unable to figure out (without resorting to violence) how to open up my 6680 which was cracked during the New Years eve boozefest.
    Anyway – instructions seem most helpful – I’ll give it a go now.


  20. LJR says:

    Hi Norbet, small world! Glad to see they came in useful for you.

  21. Andrea says:

    I cant seem to open the file. Can anyone please email the instructions. Thanks

  22. Neil Allen says:

    How i wish all instructions were as simple to follow as this was. I want to say a big thank you to you for your instructions and great photos. You cannot believe how happy i now am. ” sad i know”!!!!

  23. Psycrow says:

    I bet you never thaught you’d hear this from an Aussie but YOU ROCK!!.I’m usualy pretty good with phones but this one had me stumped,thank’s heaps man.

  24. Bewitchedwildcard says:

    Thanks my daughter and hubby swore you couldn’t remove the cover Thanks to you I didn’t look STUPID !!! But my hairclip I bent the two ends up slighty and pulled it apart much easier.(no nails!!!)Thanks again

  25. What a terrific get-out-of-jail card! I’d never have sussed out how to remove/replace the chipped and scratched cover on my 6680 without the help of your simple-to-understand instructions. I’ve now successfully followed your directions and have now changed the cover. My wife was wondering what I wanted one of her hair grips for, though… LOL!!

  26. EliteBarbie says:

    Thankyou so much. I have never found instructions for anything that hasnt had a ‘tricky’ step or a spot where i dont understand something. Diagrams are perfect and instructions are fantastic. Gret job.

  27. Dexter says:

    Can I thank you for taking the time to compile the instructions for replacement of the cover on the Nokia 6680. You undoubtably saved me time and effort trying to work it out for myself withot resortiing to my usual trait of completely ripping the cover off using brute force. Your instructions were concise and the photos helped immensely. Thanks again.

  28. nolaz says:

    Thanks, it’s very usefull guideline. It’s step by step mode and very clear message. Thanks again.

  29. Orinoco says:

    Nice one, saved me breaking the thing. 10/10!

    (p.s. without a hairclip I found a small padlock key with a jagged end worked a treat!)

  30. alfred says:

    great job man..appreciate it…

  31. regz says:

    wow.. thanks for the documentation.. it really helps a lot bro!

  32. robin says:

    great work took about 3mins shame the replacement cover wasnt asgood

  33. usm says:

    thanks i was really looking for this help.
    i really appreciate your effort. THANKS.

  34. Firdaus says:

    A real saver, man…. Thanks

  35. Justin Krebs says:

    Fantastic , help

    This internet thing just might catch on he he he
    My wife fragged her cover up today and was gutted , now she can have a new colour fone to boot


  36. Gen says:

    You are a STAR!

    Thank you soooooo much! After my puppy took a liking to my 6680, chewing off most of the buttons and wrecking the casing, i was at a loss of what to do. I bought over the internet, new casing, keypad and internal housing, which came with a screwdriver but no instructions!!!!!

    I was in dispair and really worried about wrecking the phone… then i came across your site. I’ve replaced the front cover and front internal housing, but it was too hard to try and do back so i’ve just replaced the cover. Without your instructions, i wouldn’t have known where to start! Now my phone looks as good as new!

    You’re a life saver!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  37. Keith Grant says:

    Many thanks! It is good to know that there are people in this world who take time & effort to help others like this. Well done.

  38. Steve says:

    Brilliant guide, many thanks for making the effort.

  39. JD says:

    Thanks a lot, GREAT JOB ! ! !

  40. prabha says:

    wow!!! thanks a lot!! I just had a little accident with my mobile today and the screen got scratched really badly…i freaked out thinking that there was no way out…(as i ddnt have any idea bout how to remove the front cover) thanks a lot!! Ur instructions are really good…they helped me a lot!!Thanks!!

  41. Michal says:

    Hi, I have problem with openning your HTML page with guide “The page cannot be found” Saving pdf also “file cannot be found”. Please can you send me this file via email ?

  42. gypsy says:

    Thanks a lot.
    i have been searching ” how to chance 6680 cover” for so long. at last i find your document.
    now time to find tweezers. 🙂

    god bless you

  43. tony says:

    thanx m8 great pics and text precise and to the point but are you sure thats your girlfriends hair clip lol! thanx again

  44. Phil Rickards says:

    Why do some replacement case sellers says you need a T6 screwdriver to take the original case off?

  45. Vinay says:

    I can’t believe some one has taken the efforts to give such nice and clear instructions…..thanks very much for the document…also thanks to Google for getting me here !

  46. Crewy says:

    Quality! couldnt work out how to get my cover off, but following these insructions it was a piece of piss

  47. Dominique J says:

    Hi Lewis, many thanks, the replacement guide was much precise, these little tips and piks in the document proved to be so helpful!!! Got my screen scratched this week and I wanted so badly to change it! Once again thx a lot!

  48. Toby says:

    Absolutely brilliant – tried searching the Nokia site to sort this out. No help there.

    Luckily, the guy who sent me the phone on eBay, gave a little tool that helped unclip the cover!



  49. agha says:

    i couldn’t open the file it comes empty

  50. John says:

    What a superb easy to follow guide with excellent presentation and excellent photos.

    I cant believe this guide is free of charge.

    Well done

  51. Peter says:

    Fantastic guide and so easy to follow. I bought a new case on ebay very cheap which included the fitting tool, which made the whole thing even easier.
    Many thanks.

  52. Gibe says:

    hey, just wanna say thanks… nice guide by the way… very nice.. thanks again!!! ^__^

  53. Nigel says:

    Awesome, thanks heaps !.

  54. Jo says:

    Thanks. Great help. My new pink cover lokks just dandy!

  55. Kriann says:

    Hi Lewis, thanks so much! It’s a HUGE help! I’ve been dying to change my phone’s covers but really couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the original one. Thankies a lot!

  56. INGY says:

    Lewis, many many thanks for your efforts it was a massive help.

  57. Sully says:

    Hi Lewis,

    Your guide sounds great but I can’t open the copy I’ve downloaded from the site. Would you mind mailing a copy to me please? Ta.

  58. Sully says:

    Great guide, Lewis – thanks very much.

    BTW, the missus is 8 months pregnant and we fancy a home birth.

    You couldn’t knock up another, easy-to-follow guide could you? 😉

  59. rollercoaster says:

    Once again proving that individuals care more for people than large corporations



  60. Sophie says:

    Hi Lewis,

    I ordered a new cover for my 6680 off Ebay, the seller included special tools to change the cover of the phone however there was no instructions, i tried to guess how to get it off and ended up breaking the mechanism that automaticall starts the camera mode when you slip the cover down on the back.

    I came across your site and found it most useful and i thought you done a really good job with the step by step instructions and the photographs. I wish i had your knowledge of computers.

    Well done!! Sophie

  61. RT says:

    Fantastic if only i’d googled first 🙂

  62. Maeve says:

    Hi Lewis,

    Thank you so much for going ot the trouble of writing this guide – and for writing it so well.

    Like many others who have given feedback, bought a new (pink) cover from ebay and thought I was going ot wreck my old cover before managing to get it off!

    Now have a nice pink phone and all my sanity thanks to you.

    Keep up the excellent work please !!!

  63. Ville Tetri says:

    Thanks! You saved me a lot of broken plastic clips 🙂

  64. jo says:

    Fantastic advice.
    Isn’t the internet a marvellous thing?
    And aren’t you a marvellous thing?
    Many many thanks

  65. Kain says:

    Superb instructions, who’d have thought this would be on the first page of a google search !!

  66. De' Von says:

    Thanks man! You’re a blessing!

  67. John says:

    All very well, but how about a guide to change the phone into a new model ?

  68. Jenaida says:

    This helped me a lot!! Thank you very much.. Now I have a cooler phone!! God bless you..

  69. Matt says:

    Getting a new case soon; your guide should make it a breeze!

  70. Bobmatt says:

    Great guide, saved me hours of fiddling, well done.

  71. andi says:

    thanks! i was afraid to try and open it by myself, and needed the assurance.. plus, i couldn’t have found out about the latch opposite to the card slot. great tutorial.

  72. Dave says:

    Great tutorial, really easy to follow and saved a lot of time


  73. Ernie says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching the web for. Changing the housing now is easier than abc.

  74. r0b says:

    Thanks !!!

    should have a case turning up any day and i now feel confident that i wont have any problems swapping them !

  75. Brah says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the info, made it a breeze.

  76. Alex says:

    Just swapped my bronze case to a black one thanks to this easy guide and one of my girlfriend’s hair clips. Very easy to follow, thanks!

  77. jon says:

    thanx alot dude!Ü

  78. Chris says:

    Wonderful, thanks so much. I didnt actually change the cover but took it off to get all the dust out.

    Thanks again


  79. Amir Hossein says:

    Thanks a bunch… that was great, you made me do that and that worked for me !

  80. Ross Benzie says:

    Thank you for the tutorial, if i had removed covers without it i would have probably broken them! Excellently clear instructions 🙂

  81. Dejan says:

    Hi, perfect. Thanks a lot!

  82. DICKO says:


  83. Dickymint says:

    Had a 6680 given by my ex who’s a builder & it was full of sand. Got cover from ebay & it came with no tools or instructions. Now I have a phone which looks like a brand spanker thanks to your instructions. You’re a star!

  84. Ben Rogers says:

    Hey thanks ever so much for this guide. was contemplating buying a new phone untill i saw this and brought a cover from ebay

  85. Adil says:


  86. Paul says:

    Excellent – clear and precise instructions. You’re an absolute star. I bought a cover for £2.50 and it’s like i’ve got a new phone.

  87. Philip says:

    Thanks a lot, it is great that people like can help dum people like me 🙂 Great guide thanks

  88. Lynn Holland says:

    Managed to get the old cover off and then started to assemble the new cover. Just stopped in time before breaking it. Decided to look for help on the net. Found you wonderful instructions. Can’t thank you enough and you saved me the price of getting it fitted at a shop. Keep up the good work.

  89. Maori says:

    Your guide is awesome. They were clear and to the point. Loved it. I would have never guessed how to open this thing up. But I like the way nokia made it so robust. No wonder its still in one piece after all the treatment I gave it. Thanks again.

  90. Gerry Richards says:

    Absolutly spiffing!

  91. Brunswick says:

    Thanks for the 6680 guide worked a charm 🙂


  92. Robert says:

    Great guide! Worked like a charm and my wife loves the brand new cover….



  93. Steve says:

    Thanks Lewis

    Very clear and comprehensive – exactly what I needed.

    With much gratitude,


  94. Tony Searle says:

    Cheers mate, the first time i tried that i broke all the catches off. Much easier from now on i feel.
    Thanks for your efforts, really helpful :o)

  95. Ganesh says:

    Superb guide.. thanks a lot!!!

  96. Tony Rome says:

    Superb guide. Many thanks, Lewis

  97. Eugene Phasha (in South Africa) says:

    Very comprehensive guide. . .well done. . .

    i appreciate all your helpful efforts. . .the camerawork is really out of this world!!

    so when are you coming to Africa to get a Goat as a token of our appreciation?

  98. ramu says:

    good stuff mate. very usefull


  99. yasser says:

    well it is relief for me coz i was fiddling so hard with my phone that i thought i may will have to buy a new one……thanks to ur ingenuity of mind…..

  100. jane says:

    Hi, Can’t download these instructions & really need them. Please anyone-can you email them to me or suggest how to view?
    Cheers Jane

  101. ralph vincent says:

    u’r so awesome……………… best of the bestsssssss

  102. faheem says:

    the best thing in the world man
    u deserve an award
    soo easy yet soo effective
    thanks man
    now can you direct me to a website which sells kosher facieas?

  103. Lewis says:

    Faheem, looks like mobilefun are only doing the crappy copies that I don’t like now. A quick Google tells me that are selling genuine replacement housings. Anything less than £20 isn’t a genuine housing is pretty much the rule these days. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  104. alvin teh says:

    Thanks heeps mate. you did a great job!

  105. Adam says:

    Great guide mate, problem with my 6680 is that the keys 2,3,7 and 8 have stopped working, anybody got any ideas on how to fix this, i’ve checked the keypad and that seems fine … cheers Adam

  106. Rachael says:

    Thank you so much. I changed my n70 fascia on my own and suffice to say the phone broke so I was kinda worrid about changing the new phone case but you made it simple and the step by step guide is spot on. I say again, Thanks!!

  107. Eddy says:

    Thanks a lot! I managed to take apart my 6680 and clean out all the dust trapped under the screen cover. Who would have thought that 2 years+ later, your guide still manages to save lives?

    Thanks again!

  108. Osman says:

    many thanks, so easy to do and saved me at least one day searching the service in my town and feeling silly as a child did it while I watched.

  109. Osman says:

    thanks again. i’m sure i’ll be using my phone more effectively now.

  110. Kay says:

    Awesome job My friend. I wanted to clean my phone’s screen for ages and I finally found good documentation. Thanks.

  111. Jean says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorial. Yor time spent to write this tutorial saved my time trying to do it without directions.
    Inspite your warning I had still missed a lint back to display glass but it seems you can’t win ’em all!!!

  112. Hung.doan says:

    Dude, Ur so kool!

  113. aroro says:

    hey thanks a lot for this cool one dude!

  114. Andrew says:

    hey! thanks for the tutorial..made it easier for me..

  115. gehenna says:

    wow.. thank you for this guide. I bought a second hand 6680 and now it looks new 🙂

  116. Tony says:

    Nice one mate!, saved me a lot of time, Brilliant tutorial!thank you for your time and effort putting it all together *-))

  117. Jess says:

    Who would have thought?-10 years on and your ‘6680 cover replacement guide’ is still coming in useful!
    Super-clear pictures,well written and easy-to-follow instructions.
    Just the job with no jargon!
    Thank you so much Lewis..
    Best wishes,
    Love Jess.xxxxx

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