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Use PowerShell on Ubuntu to convert PFX to KEY and CER 0

Use PowerShell on Ubuntu to convert PFX to KEY and CER

A little PowerShell (Core 6.1.0) script I’m using on Ubuntu 18.04.1 to assist with converting PFX to .KEY and .CER files for use with nginx/Apache. Relies on the existence of openssl of course which...


Azure Site Recovery on Hyper-V Server

I’ve yet to find any documentation that covers this seemingly simple topic but when setting up the Azure Site Recovery Provider on a Hyper-V 2012R2 (or presumably 2016) Server that’s essentially a Windows Server...


Azure Application Gateway Charts

Azure Application Gateways provide a reverse proxy Layer 7 load balancer solution in Microsoft Azure. From a PaaS point of view, they’re very handy, providing full Azure integration for deploying through ARM, PowerShell and...

PowerShell Core 6 and Raspberry Pi 1

PowerShell Core 6.0 and Raspberry Pi

TL;DR – Start PowerShell as the root user, install the module for All Users and then set up your cron job to run the script in the root user’s crontab. If, like me, you...

Windows PowerShell and PHP 0

Update an installation of PHP on Windows

It will come as no surprise that I operate my website on Windows and WordPress so it should come as no surprise that it also uses PHP. Part of running the server using PHP...


Home Automation with Hive Active Plugs

Problem I’ve had a little bee in my bonnet for the last few years with a “feature” on my clothes dryer. It’s an auto-sensing dryer that dries clothes to certain levels such as Ready...