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Mostly PowerShell, PHP, Batch, VBScript, JavaScript or even Bash etc.

Philips Hue PowerShell 1

Philips Hue PowerShell

I’ve been quietly working on a little project (or two) of my own on GitHub since I got some Philips Hue lights a while back. Philips makes accessing the bulbs programmatically very easy with...

Automating upload to Azure Blob Storage 2

Automating upload to Azure Blob Storage

This is my latest effort in an attempt to offer myself slightly more robust backups of my personal website. I’m using PowerShell and Azure PowerShell to automate the process of zipping up a folder...

Raspberry Pi MJPEG at ~30fps 24

Raspberry Pi MJPEG at ~30fps

I’ve been tackling the Pi Camera recently and looking for the best trade off of performance, quality, bandwidth, simplicity and fields of view. During my travels I experimented with a large number of command...