Monthly Archive: September 2005

Searching Active Directory (VBScript) 1

Searching Active Directory (VBScript)

If, like me, you have been left irritated by the search function in Active Directory Users and Computers simply not telling you WHERE a particular user or computer actually is, simply use this bit...

Screenshot active window 0

Screenshot active window

Use ALT+PRTSCRN to get a screenshot of only the active window. Meaning you don’t have to cut out the surrounding chaff with your favourite image editing application.

Learning Windows Scripting.. pff 3

Learning Windows Scripting.. pff

When one is learning from a book, does one expect the code that one is learning from to be not just incorrect but non-existant too? I think not.

Large BLOB to MSSQL database 2

Large BLOB to MSSQL database

While trying to maintain security restrictions for a new system I’m developing to deliver data to our customers I came up with the following chunks of code to insert data in 256k chunks into a Microsoft SQL Server database.