Learning Windows Scripting.. pff

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3 Responses

  1. Mathenge says:

    Thanks! I’ve been going through the same book and came across that piece of code, fortunately, I don’t have much patience so I googled the query (“select * from AddRemovePrograms”) and came across your posting. What a relief. I hope you’ve already sent in a correction to MS Press.

  2. LJR says:

    No problem Mathenge, I have reported it to MS Press but get the feeling that this particular query may be geared towards Windows Server 2003. I’ve not had the opportunity to test against 2003 but I will be doing so in due course and will of course report back once I have.

    For now, if you are scripting in the Enterprise then installing the .MOF fix I mentioned in the post is probably not such a simple thing to do. It is doable by all means but it’s easier to use something tried and true. Have a look at another post I’ve done on getting all programs installed on a PC, it will of course work remotely: http://www.lewisroberts.com/wp-trackback.php?p=28

    – Lewis

  3. Geert Hofman says:

    I’ve just tested the script against a Windows 2003 server with the same result. It is a pitty bookwriters do not test their scripts on new machines. It would save us a lot of trouble. Anyway, thanks for the remarks. It saved me some frustration.

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