Ovi Review

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2 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    Agreed, It’s pathetic, I hadn’t downloaded a single app since OVI started, reason ? I don’t have Wifi connection or a data pack, so what do I do, go to the City for hotsopts all the time, pathetic Nokia, Common Sense ??? I could finally download 2 apps which were good when finally I was in the city.. What bunch of morons are working in Nokia,?? Pull up your socks, damn you Nokia, after using Nokia for years and years I finally have to say Apple is better that you in terms of Software, Stability, Looks, and slowly coming up with the functions as well. If you don’t listen to your consumers only a couple of years Nokia, you’ll be history, You will be the ” WAS the biggest Mobile Manufacturer.”

  2. Mitto says:

    I totally Agree with you pal. There is no false in what you have described. I just hope that all Nokia users will read this useful article so that people will be cautioned not to download any paid stuff from OVI store. Luckily I didn’t download any paid stuff… Many crap in it.
    And I thank you once again for your time and patience to write down so much of your real experience to inform Nokia users… Thank you pal…. cheers…

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