Remote Scripting: “ActiveX component can’t create object” on WSHController Object

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4 Responses

  1. Pete Dashwood says:

    Thanks for posting this. I need to run some compiles on a machine across the LAN. It has been driving me nuts and I keep getting “Permission denied” I read what you posted very carefully and did everything above. I ran your sample script but it gives the same error (at line 40, as soon as oController is referenced…). I’m not sure how to tell what version of WSH is installed on the two machines. Can you advise?



  2. Lewis says:

    Hi Pete, as long as you have set the permissions for DCOM objects on both machines, you should be fine.
    It’s a shame that Microsoft aren’t more specific with their error messages!

  3. Leandro says:


    First of all, I want to thank you. That’s the only post I found it was realy clear about this topic, however I found an issue in Windows 7 and it simply doesn’t work. Any ideas? Could you help me with this issue?

    Whenever I call the method CreateScript, it gives the following error messages:

    1 – Permission denied
    2 – ActiveX component can’t creat object

    I’m trying to run the same script against two different computers. The first one gives me the first message and the second one the second message. Both of the computers are Windows 7 with all the configuration you posted.

  4. Lewis says:

    Wow, a blast from the very distant past. Honestly I’ve never tried it in Windows 7, mainly because of the prevalence of PowerShell now instead of VBScript. PowerShell is also the future of Windows administration so I’d take the opportunity to investigate it and use it in your current project.

    There are other options as well including WinRM but PowerShell Remoting is probably what you want to be looking at.

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