Hello…Nokia? Where’s the N82’s successor?

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7 Responses

  1. George says:

    I’m having the hardest time trying to find a replacement for my N82. Seems we bought the pinnacle of mobile phones and are doomed to suffer for eternity. There’s nothing out there, nothing.

  2. bolin says:

    yup. having the same trouble here . N86 has some improvements but on the downside it has an inferior camera ( no xenon ?? wtf nokia ! ) and also the slide is killing all the apetite to buy it. when do we get improved N82 ??? whheeeeeennn ? plllssss we will pay big cash for it. just bring it on 🙂 .

  3. Vincent says:

    I’m still a proud owner of N82 despite everyone owning a touch-crap phones..
    So, Lewis which phone are you owning now that came close to N82? Is Nokia N8 close enough being the successor? Then again, Symbian OS is much lacking off on the apps market to the bigger players.

  4. Lewis says:

    I’m afraid I too am now the owner of a touch crap phone but I will admit, I love the HTC Desire as much if not more than I did my N82! The functionality far outstrips the N82 obviously mainly because of the age of the N82 but it can’t compare on battery life – there are no smart phones that can.

    Take the leap, get a decent smart phone and you won’t be disappointed.


  5. Vincent says:

    Yaa, HTC Desire is good.. One of my geek dude is using it to monitor his server stats. What about the camera? I heard it doesn’t capture good quality of photos and doesn’t have macro feature?
    What make you bought an Android phone where IOS has tonnes of apps?

  6. Lewis says:

    I’ve never really put much weight in the camera on a phone to affect my decisions if I’m honest. As long as it takes half decent shots, I don’t mind it. If I want to take photos to keep, I’ll break out my DSLR and take the shots. That said, I’m not unhappy with some of the shots I’ve taken with my HTC Desire.

    The main reason I went Android was because it was a more open platform – the fact that Apple retains control over the applications that can go on their phone just smacks of a big brother approach to everything. Their decision to not allow Adobe Flash is silly – what gives a company the right to dictate what someone can do with their own phone? I like the freedom that Android brings – one of my colleagues (also a techy) has decided to get rid of his iPhone for an HTC when his contract is up because he’s jealous that his wife’s phone (an HTC Desire) is better than his! I’d make the recommendation to go for an HTC Desire S now of course.


  7. Giznp says:

    One of the most expensive mobile phone of that time.

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