Equipment in Afghanistan (RANT)

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  1. Lewis says:

    I’d also like to add that people who talk about the lessons of history, babbling on about how the past 100 years has never seen a victory over the Afgan people, are idiots.

    The war is not against Afghanistan or its people and is therefore not comparable to any previous war. It is against the Taliban, an insurgent force similar to the IRA. Nobody has suggested that ISAF forces will be able to “defeat” the Taliban in the true sense of the word but they can weaken it sufficiently to make it less of a threat to the Afghan people and its government.

    Once that objective is met, ISAF can hand over to an Afghan army that is suitably trained and equipped to manage anything a weakened Taliban can muster. The will of the Afghan people will then defeat the Taliban, much like has happened in Northern Ireland.


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