Citylink are useless, eBuyer don’t care

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5 Responses

  1. Moz says:

    Any update Lewis?

  2. Wei says:

    Hi I find myself in the same situation as you did three years ago!! I ordered a laptop from ebuyer with extra payment for “next day delivery”, and up to now the parcel has been “missing” for two days, and city link say they are still looking for it!!!

  3. Andy T says:

    My sympathies to you Lewis.
    There are other problems with City Link and companies who use them. City Link clearly have had major problems if you search for “theft by City Link personnel” on the web. SO BEWARE OF YOUR STUFF VANISHING INTO THIN AIR. Is it a scam or what? You decide…
    A City Link driver picked up 4 suitcases from our home to be delivered and shipped by the Excess Baggage Company. When my wife went to fill in the line to indicate 4 packages were being sent – the driver prevented her from doing this and got impatient with her for even trying. This made her curious, especially given that the line above on the form clearly had the package count for a previous customer’s pick up.
    OK, so eventually we get notified that only 3 packages have turned up at the other end when Excess Baggage Company took receipt of the packages. Needless to say Excess Baggage weren’t concerned or alarmed when counting the packages and presumably didn’t bother checking why bags marked 1 of 4, 2 of 4 and 4 of 4 might be missing an obvious 3 of 4. This method of marking bags was advised by them – but I guess the warehouse guy can’t read so it’s not too effective.
    So Excess Baggage went through the delaying tactic of “putting out a tracer” to locate the missing baggage. They never found it, what a surprise!
    This whole affair has been really distressing for my wife who had packed her wedding dress, many of her best clothes and belongings in this third bag. What happened and who really cares?
    It is the way of doing business in Britain these days. Just don’t expect your bags or goods to get through. Of course you can take out insurance on items getting lost, as we did, but this just makes the cost astronomical if you attempt to insure the true value of your property. And some things are just not replaceable. There must be a lesson here.

  4. horse apples says:

    city link are not fit for purpose. they are more suited to cleaning out litter trays with their mouths.
    they persistently fail to deliver to working people, instead they take the goods to a depot dozens of miles away and you have to collect them!
    this is an insane policy for a delivery company
    i hope they fold with immense debts for the benefit of mankind as a whole

  5. Ivan Jones says:

    I would like to add my voice to the concerns regarding CityLink.

    I have never successfully received a single package from CityLink without some sort of ‘incident’.

    Excuses have included:
    ‘Not being able to find your address’, even though every other carrier finds it without any problem.

    ‘We posted a card through your door’, even though no card was left

    ‘We attempted delivery, but nobody was home’, even though people were home all day.

    My heart sinks when I hear that delivery has been sent by CityLink or Parcels2Go – a company that seems to have strong links with CityLink.

    It is virtually impossible to get hold of the company…. After being kept on hold for an inordinate time on their ‘Customer [dis]services’ line, my experience is invariably to be either cut off on finally getting through or merely fobbed off.

    My last delivery has been officially recorded by CityLink as ‘lost’ (even though the online parcel tracking tool shows it to be out for delivery 1 month after it was due). This raises the question of what happens to all of these ‘lost’ parcels. Far be it from me to accuse “CityLink staff stealing parcels”…. but the question of “CityLink Parcel Theft” must surely be raised?

    Please, companies – please do not send goods by CityLink. Or if you must, then at least offer an alternative carrier. I for one would quite happily pay a premium in order to get my goods actually delivered.

    CityLinks parent company is RentoKill, well known rat catchers….maybe they should send them into catch the rats at their own CityLink?

    End Rant.

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